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Welcome to my SFI News Blog.

Are you a member with GDI. Is your domain sitting dormant. Join our SFI Dollar Wise Network.
Maree my  GDI sponsor will log into GDI.  Activate your domain, designing your promoting and training pages for SFI.

First you will need to sign up with GDI for your Domain.
This is where she logs in and will set up your SFI Dollar Wise training website.
For more information read

She charges a one off fee to do this. She doe's not want to be spending hours setting up your domain to find you have given up before even starting.

Within 2-3 business days, you can have your own Customized SFI Website To Promote Train and Boost Your Sales and Signups for SFI.
While generating other sources of Income on Auto Pilot.

1.     You will receive a well designed SFI Training Home page. With a leads Generating Sales Program.
        Maree has tested 1000's of sites over the years sorting the good from the ugly.
         She will design them for you. Keeping them updated.

        If you are experienced. YOU can also add numerous pages. Editing them when desired.

2.     An ECA Store page - Includes your SFI id inserted into all the links. YOU will earn commissions with every sale. 
You will be earning from down line purchases 12 Levels deep.

3.     Plugins.
Feedback  This plugin allows visitors to send you an email message from your Web Site           
Guestbook  This plugin allows visitors to post messages on your site. The posted messages will be displayed for all visitors to see           
Blogs     The Blog plugin allows you to maintain a public diary. Just click Plugins. Then Click Blog then Edit. Enter your posts daily.
Also at the top right you have an RSS Feed when people can request to join and receive all your blog updates for SFI

GDI Web Master. Gives you access to view your stats. Seeing how many visitors have viewed your individual pages. Click build my website. Then click the purple circle at the left to view.
Gallery.     Allows you to add photo's and store them at your Domain.

4.  GDI Bonuses.  Earn for participation while promoting SFI.
      Maree  automatically adds you to our Team Dollar Wise. Where as a team we get to share in Monthly Bonuses.
      If you refer 5 new members with in a week you will receive a $100 Bonus. 


One of the keys to any online business or website success is great exposure.
It is a known fact that submitting your site consistently on a daily basis to search engines can increase exposure to your site.
Google Maree Wells and see how she is on the first page of Google. No need to spend 1000's of dollars.
Easily achievable with having your own GDI Domain.

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