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September 2013 | Rating:

My sponsor is fantastic! She is a real leader. She has the vision for what to do to be successful, and leads you toward that goal!


SFI Affiliate since: 06/24/2013
Primary Language: English
Terry's TConnect Page
Terry's VP Ledger
Currently in contention: YES
Current Round: 6 (ending 06/24/2014)
E365 Prizes won to date

Class Rank top 10





It is very simple. Put into action SFI Basic's Three Step Plan. Daily

1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month.

Scroll down to see how to become an EA killing two birds with one stone.

2. Recruit five affiliates using the methods listed HERE.

3. Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps.

SFI provides total support.

Before you begin. Connect with our FREE Skype training group  maree.wells


Welcome to SFI: They are one of the largest and most successful affiliate networks in the world, and I am delighted you've joined my growing, global business team. I will guide you step by step developing a successful business on line.

Originally I joined in 2010. Then the Christchurch earthquakes hit. Because I could not log in and I did not have a standard order set in place. My account became inactive for a few years.

I had been building my Dollar Wise Network. Surfing and earning at all the sites you see listed on my Sales Funnel page.

Once things had settled and I had relocated twice. I decided instead of reopening another shop, I would transfer my store to Triple Clicks.  Best decision for 2013. Was when I reactivated my SFI and Triple Clicks account in June. I also made sure to have a standing order set in place. That way no matter the circumstances my account will always remain active.

I also cancelled a lot of my upgrades with other sites. Investing the money instead into SFI.

What is SFI
As an SFI affiliate, you can earn commissions marketing over 87000 products and services at our international "superstore," Triple Clicks.  Connect with A2A members in your local community.  You can even add your own products and get them in front of over 1.5 million Triple Clicks members and marketed by our half a million affiliates worldwide! 

For 14+ years, they have been building the #1 affiliate program on the Internet. They are #1 because SFI works...and because they provide you with such a powerful and comprehensive marketing system.

It's all ready for you to plug in and go!    Many new affiliates get overwhelmed, Do not stress. You will receive daily emails with assignments to do, FREE training.  Building your confidence on how to participate and promote.

Every SFI affiliate has his/her own reasons for joining SFI, but the general motive of all affiliates is to earn a good amount of money to gain financial freedom. You can start free. Earnings will be minimal.

Your Goal is to  follow my plan achieving EA Plus Bronze Leader ship. This way you are earning monthly your full potential within the SFI Network.

Start HERE. 

A lot of members do not realize they can earn valuable VP points within the first 24 hours. When they are made aware of this. It is to late.  This is how my Sponsor Maree Explains it.

FINALIST: It is so sad to see so many people do not understand E365, it is up to all of us to inform our down line the importance of staying above the Green Line.  . It is such a disappointment to members when they realize then it is to late for them to achieve their E365 VP Points.

Jun. 11, 2013 Class (4210 in this class, 42 still currently in contention)

The day I reactivated my account, 4210 other people signed up the same day. This is how they work out the competition. You are competing against these other members.
Round 6 (of 6) is currently underway, ending Jun. 11, 2014 at Midnight CT.

Wells, Maree - 36230 VP  I am winning my Class  at the moment. Which is exciting.

The beauty is when you are winning. Members when they log in to view, can click my link and connect with me. Building my contacts at A2A. I make sure to start my day introducing myself and sending them all to my ECA website.

View and join my sales generating sites at


All links open in a second browser.  Add your SFI promotional link. Then work from this page daily promoting SFI.

Continue as a FREE member or kick start your SFI business with a BANG!

Set up your standard order, to achieve EA monthly. If you do this within the first 24 hours you will also receive 500 VP Points for achieving your fast start bonus.
I suggest to purchase  TCredit Pak (125 TCredits)--Special Standing Order only, $36.25 (reg. price $52.50)

Killing two birds with one stone. Use the credits to purchase.
One on One training. Standing order for 1000 Vistors Monthly . Plus 24/7 Skype support.

Make sure when paying to click to use T credits NOT your master card.
Bonus. Level one down line will receive a FREE share in our monthly SFI Coop.

NEXT: With setting up your standard order. You will receive monthly two CSA's in your down line. You will need to click your Alert Button. Then click to activate the reassignment of these CSA members.

TEAM Leaders: If you have spare cash and little time to promote. Purchase two T Credit Packages.. Only Team Leaders earn matching VP Points with all their EA2 down line purchases Plus you receive reassigned CSA's monthly Value $200

You benefit by receiving over 100 CSA's reassigned monthly to active Team Leaders Value over $200 . These members are transferred over from inactive leaders.  Make This YOUR GOAL. 

Use these extra credits to purchase everyday household items you would be using on a regular basis already. 


You also get to set up a Leadership board.  View mine an duplicate   

At the top right click sponsor.

HOW I START EACH DAY. When you log in and click the to do list.

You will see 11 tasks. Highlighted in RED.

Remember to click the box at the bottom of each task.  Check they have turned grey, receiving your VP Points.

I log in and participate with the to do list. There are 11 steps but also what to do within these steps. 

All writing highlighted in blue click. Remember to check emails for your daily Launch Pad training. Any thing in a Green V click to receive your VP Points.

1. Alerts.  Example. You have earned 2 SHARE-ITs for posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Click the blue writing and share to facebook daily.

2.To do list. Click every link highlighted in blue.
3. Tips.  Copy and paste each tip to your computer. Give it the heading training. YOU will building a reference library to return to often.
Unsure how to copy and paste etc.  View  http://www.dollarwise.ws/Getting_started_

4. Triple Clicks. Click the box share the deal of the day to Twitter and face book. Make sure to click and view all links highlighted in blue. Log into Triple clicks. Above click games then follow instructions to be in to win each hour on the hour.

5. Scoreboard. View and click every link that is high lighted blue.
6. A2a.  Connect with the new 12 A2A members you see here. Click there name then click the connect button below their photo. Not sure how to communicate with your new A2A members. Instructions are below.

7. Movers. Click the blue box at the right TM. Send a post to each top mover congratulating them.
8. Growth. Don't forget to congratulate your fellow affiliates!  At the left click the box.
At the right click and connect with members ECA websites that are in your area.
Read the info about Gift Cards. I purchase these monthly getting great results.
9. Goals.  Read then enter what you did that day. Click the blue box once you submit your goal

10. Ask SC. Click the blue box at the right. Go. View read then At the right click the box Yes or No. Also copy and paste any answers you felt important to your computer. A wealth of knowledge can be learn't here. Next. Click above
Submit questions to the SFI Community. Vote up the best answers and add your own answers too. I spend 1/2 an hour here daily reading answers.

11. Win. This is the most important link. Enter to win.

Finish with viewing my Leader Ship Board. Click sponsor at the top right. Below this also check any messages and reply.

Take time to view and read also.  START SFI BASICS LAUNCHPAD Top Right hand Corner.

At the beginning of each new month. You will see this alert. It's time to set your goals for October (and earn 5 bonus VersaPoints)! Set your goals 

Fill in the info then click the grey box at the right when finished.

Then go back to Alerts and click again. How'd we do? Please sumbit your ratings of SFI and your Sponsor for this past month and pick up 10 VersaPoints.  Remember to click the drop down box and rate 5 or else it will go through as 3.

Team Leaders. You need to check into your Leader ship board every 10 days, clicking the link to verify it is updated. ONLY TEAM LEADERS earn matching VP Points for there EA2 down line.

Participating in the Auctions.  See how the line is blue. NEVER BID UNTIL the line is RED. THEN wait while it counts down. It will often go red then when some one bids turn blue again. If you click the BID NOW button,1 credit will be deducted from the amount at the top right. Where it says TCredits.  Only ever bid when line is RED and below I recommend 10 cents. You will be amazed how often people bid and it goe's back to blue. The only way you will win is if no one else is bidding.

Time Left To Bid00:00:39
Current High Bidder Your name will appear here if winning.

The beauty is for each bid you will be rewarded with MRP points these can be used to purchase Tcredits etc

Team Support is the key to success. Duplicate this system.
You need to be consistent to get anywhere in internet marketing, not just promote for a day then giving up saying internet marketing is a scam. If instant riches were that easy on the internet, everybody would be quitting their regular jobs!

I have promoting on Auto Pilot over 200 posts for our SFI Coop at Able Wise. I also promote our SFI Coop link at over 50 different sites weekly. I also use 1/3 of our funds to buy instant down line at Pro Profit.

Always buy T Credits so you get action points then purchase Pro Profit down line. http://proprofit.tripleclicks.com/11189449/

If you have an ECA website.  You can purchase reseller rights to my advertising packages. I will log into your ECA website and list them for you.

No product to sell. I suggest to purchase a few triple click items. Then go to your local markets. Introducing your self to every one. Selling them the range of Triple Click household products. Encouraging Stall holders to join you and set up their own ECA website.  Great idea is to set up your own ECA website offering local crafts sourced at these markets.  You will find a lot of people are passing through on their travels selling items purchased over seas to fund their holidays. You can grab some awesume bargains to list at your ECA website.


When you add your description. State that you source local products from your Local Craft Markets. You also sell advertising packages supporting and helping your down line succeed with SFI.


Explode your sales. Join our SFI Dollar Wise Network.

Apply now for your GDI Domain. This is where I update Dollar wise.  


Stick to the basic package. As we are using GDI solely for our WEBSITES> Think of a great name to call your website.

EXAMPLE SFI Guide,Terry's Training. Liz's Support.

Setting up your own line training websites. Because I live in the USA and the time zone is so different. This is ideal. Your down line can log into your own GDI website, when you are off line. Getting all the answers to any questions they may have. It also shows them your leads generating program. A list of trusting sites to promote their SFI links at. They will follow you into these programs building your down lines at over 20 different sites.  All this with just promoting one link. SFI. Building and earning on Auto Pilot.


I cancelled a lot of my upgrades at other sites as they did not offer the same great benefits as SFI doe's.

First and most important. Try and stay above the GREEN Line.
Read all the great competitions on offer.

Most important connect with our Team Members ECA websites.


Click above A2A:  Sign up then fill in the form below to connect with local members in your area. Start up a Coffee group.Support group etc.  Introduce yourself sending everyone to connect with you at your ECA store.  You will see a copy of posts to duplicate here. http://www.dollarwise.ws/SFI_Duplication_post

Search 101,440 a2a Members

Username contains:

Gender: Men Women Either

Primary language:

Joined SFI:

Primary goal in SFI:

Country: Click the drop down box and select.

within miles of ZIP Code:

Has been in business for themselves before.

Has previous experience with Network Marketing.

Tick the boxes you wish to find A2A members with the same Interests a your self.


Click FIND FRIENDS after selecting the country.

Daily Click My Friends (bottom left) to see who has connected then send them a post introducing yourself and your ECA website.

SFI Dollar Wise Network. I designed this for all SFI members. I found so many A2A friends were saying they were getting no support from Upline. This is an ideal program for everyone supporting their down line.
Cost is $10 (American per month)
What I am offering is once you sign up for your GDI website.  Sign up FREE Here.


I will log in and set up your SFI training guide, Plus SFI shopping page.

I have permission from GDI to support my down line by setting up their websites,
I will duplicate my Dollar wise SFI training page, replacing my links with yours.

SFI shopping page examples.
New Zealand         http://www.dollarwise.ws/Kiwi_Shopping_online
Australia               http://www.trustmemet23.ws/SFI_Shopping_Online
United states        http://wiseinvestment-support.ws/SFI_shopping_online
United Kingdom    http://www.eliz.ws/SFI_Shopping_On_line
Sweden Tony        http://www.vardagslyx.ws/SFI_Shopping_on_line

Success is my promoting your SFI and Triple click links at sites proven for results.
Then when you send new members your welcome email.
You have a down line website you can send them to for daily access.

Also they will follow you into your recommended sites for promoting SFI.
Win Win Situation.
The beauty is that they can log in and follow your advice daily.

It takes time, dedication, promoting and duplicating to achieve success. Most important 24/7 support.

Once you have signed up with GDI
Email Me mb5681@gmail.com  your log in details to GDI and I will set up your website.

More info here. http://www.dollarwise.ws/Dollar_Wise_Network

Treat SFI as a real job where you have to turn up to work.

BUT instead of leaving home you go to your computer for the hour you are employed. 

Remember we are in a global marketing environment.   It is paramount that you make a vision plain and write it down. 

You must be patient and work day by day in the right direction. 

If someone told you that you could get rich on the internet overnight -

They lied to you. It takes time dedication, promoting, duplication and most important communicating to achieve daily results.

Action takers are the money makers.
Example,3894 people from 214 different countries became SFI affiliates in one day.
Make sure to join the Wave 3 for extra bonuses.

Email to request SFI news letters.  
Send an email to this link requesting to receive News Letters. Very Valuable Information.
strongfutureincome@ getresponse.com

Keep the lines of communication open with your team using the tools on your Affiliate Center homepage's Stream tab.

Instantly send brief messages to your PSAs, CSAs, or both; and receive messages from YOUR sponsor, up line Team Leaders,

and SFI Corporate. Click the sender's name to view his or her Affiliate Snapshot, and use the contact information there

to communicate directly with the affiliate. Log into SFI. At the right click the message link

( You have 17 messages to view all new messages for new PSA's) Reply to them all.

What to do when you receive emails for new PSA's. You need to be logged into SFI first.

Click the blue writing  Example      New PSA Notification (name) This will take you to their information page.
Scroll down and click under AFFILIATE MANAGER the word   CONTACT
Scroll down and click  Send TeamMail message to name of member.
Words must be under 2000. Heading must be under 50.

For complete list and details, go to  https://www.sfimg.com/Reports/ YesterdayPSA

I recommend you post a message on your Stream tab at least once a week to pass along your ideas,

motivating quotes, goals, and other items related to your SFI business.

Genealogy Tips & Shortcuts  https://www.sfimg.com/Training/GenTipsShortcuts
Getting the most from your Genealogy report
 1. Select "Generation" in the Sort drop down menu (and under the Basic tab) to display your records by generation level.
2. Reassigned Affiliates appear in blue highlight, Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) appear in green highlights.

Visit my Leadership Page for the latest tips, contests, and more for our team at:


Be sure to read https://www.sfimg.com/Training/AwesomeSponsor

http://www.tripleclicks.com/myaccount/sell_your_stuff.php     How to start your garage sale

http://www.dollarwise.ws/SFI_Duplication_post    You will find a list of posts I use.

http://www.tripleclicks.com/search/vendor/tcdirect  All products.


Sales report on purchases as well as down line.

https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan#1  commission payment plan

Ask SC  Click at the to do list daily. Click GO and earn some VP Points.To start at the right click GO in the Blue box.

Where it says Was this Answer Helpful. Click yes or no. Then move on through the list.

Submit questions to the SFI Community. Vote up the best answers and add your own answers too. Learn more.

5 keys to SFI success:
1.  Every affiliate can and should become a fast track affiliate which means complete enough

Getting Started Actions To Earn 500 VP to qualify for a 200 VP bonus!
2.  Every affiliate can and should become EA in the first 30 days of joining

SFI which means accruing 1500 VP. Set up a standing order within your first 24 hours. Guarantees fast track bonus.
3.  Every affiliate can and should become EA2 in the second 30 days of joining SFI

which means maintaining 1500 VP each month.
4.  Every affiliate should spend 80% of their available time each day participating with

SFI, promoting SFI and Triple click products and growing their network.
5.  Set aside a budget to grow your SFI business.

Building a strong foundation for your SFI business. 

1) Keep always in mind the Basics of SFI: https://www.sfimg.com/SFIBasics

2) With the above in mind, follow carefully your to do list every day:https://www.sfimg.com/Home?section=ToDo

3) Spend at least half an hour promoting your SFI links at the sites listed   http://www.dollarwise.ws/Sales_Funnel

4) Help your Affiliates to duplicate yourself: https://www.sfimg.com/Training/AwesomeSponsor


If you don't have time, skills or simply don't feel like making any effort, get in real-time all the affiliates you need, participating to our  team's Co-op: I promote our Coop link at over 20 different sites Weekly.
Cost is $35 per month. 

Log into SFI at the right click sponsor and read my leadership blog with details.

More information can be found.






Online promoting for your SFI Gift cards. Capture page link plus 2000 hits

Item No: 282066
Reg. Price: $35.00   Our Price: $30.00 (you save $5.00)