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Welcome to my Online SFI shopping Site.. My name is Terry.

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Maree Designs. 
Clothing can only be ordered by Kiwi's sorry.

Use Local Pay Basic to purchase and receive 20% discount. Show all your family and friends my clothing.  Place the order for them. Keeping 20% of money collected. Support for all my Kiwi Down line.
My Motto: No matter what shape or size you are, everyone is entitled to look great. Specialist for the fuller figure.

No factory productions here. Each garment is individually cut then sewn. I provide unique garments with that
individual quality. Stand out in the crowd, in a classic Maree Designs.
25 years experience sewing and selling at the Christchurch Art Centre at the Weekends.

Dollar Wise is a website I set up for my down line free step by step training on how and were to promote their SFI website.

I sell great advertising packages to support all my down line and A2A friends I connect with. Team support is the key

Showing Maree's advertising and clothing range Maree Designs Collection.

You just have to send this link to your friends or contacts



(You need to change thexxxxxx to your own SFI ID no.).
Then, after every sale made via your link, you will earn 15% Commissions.

Open this guide in a second browser to refer to when you start listing your items.


How it works.  We also earn by promoting our link with these ECA websites.

We are gathering all members from SFI to join our skype group and support each other with sales. 

We are a group of individuals listing all our local ECA websites at the one location. 

Via our Dollar Wise GDI down line training website's. Making it easier for our down line to access our stores.

There are 1000's of ECA websites. What better way is their to help our down line achieve success.

By having all our ECA websites Plus Garage sale links at the one location.  

Connect with Maree from New Zealand to be added to our skype group.    maree.wells 

We support each other by logging into Triple Clicks and connecting with each others ECA websites. Being able to post new messages on hot deals etc at our group at skype. Imagine if we all connected with each other. At our skype group. 

We could connect with local members, talking to individual customers supporting each other with sales and training. We will be earning some serious dollars monthly 12 levels deep. We all would be helping other members building their business while at the same time building ours.

If you would like to join our SFI Dollar Wise Network 

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Do not upgrade to premium. Or pay extra for a .com website. Stick with the basic package.

Open this guide in a second window to refer to when signing up. http://www.dollarwise.ws/Dollar_Wise_Network

I charge a one off fee to set up your GDI website. Duplicating mine.

I do not want to waste hours setting it up to find members have given up before even starting.



Then email  Maree (mb5681@gmail.com Heading GDI support) your log in details Plus ECA website link. She will have your site up and running within a few days

JmeGirl Shop


Smell Good Air Fresheners


Join our Awesome-SFI Lifestyle Group ,on Facebook ( Looking forward to seeing you there!)

Tom 'n' Shirley's Kandle 'n' Gift Korner

We have been in business selling these kind of products for more than 30 years. We have sold in flea markets, online, party plans and even had a brick and mortar store in the nineties. God is first in our lives
and we give Him thanks for all His blessings.

Parker Nutrition Center

We have over 1,000 High Quality Nutritional Products and More at reasonable prices. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you "Get Healthy Now!" Also if you do not see something you want, let us know and we will do our best to get it for you. We will be adding new things weekly, so check back often! Thank you for shopping with us and God bless you!

Suwannee Signs And Mailbox Posts


I am an Executive Affiliate and Bronze Team Leader with SFI. Since SFI launched in 1998, it has been showing people all over the world how to build profitable internet businesses from the comfort of their own homes. In fact, the system is so successful that thousands now join SFI every week! If you've ever wanted to be your own boss or even just earn a little extra spending cash.... I'd love to work with you. Note that SFI provides everything you need to get started FREE!!



Retail Price: $100.00

You Save: $20.00 (20%)


Item No: 240566


Condition / Status: New / In Stock


Proprofit - Global Marketing Services


See how my SFI I.D is listing in their link. I am helping them promote their ECA website. Plus earning by sharing with all my down line.

I also have a standing order for purchases here. I find it saves a lot of time in surfing etc. Instant down line in seconds.

This is where Maree uses some of our Coop money we pool together and purchase instant down line. You can do this with all your Level one members.

With setting up a Coop. Then reassigning to your level one down line members.

No time to surf. Purchase some individually. You will earn from all your down line purchases.

We provide a range of tailor-made marketing services that help you to build and consolidate you SFI Business, increase sales and monthly income. Just choose the package you need.


- you will start receiving your Affiliates after Tripleclicks sends us your payment clearance. It could also take up to 5 days.

- We guarantee that all the Affiliates you will receive have signed up spontaneously, without any kind of incentive at all. They sign up because truly interested in making money online.


Northern Thai Handicrafts


This is where I purchased my Gift Capture page link. Awesume site.

I use this link daily getting replies. Then I email them the code for their Gift card.

Setting up your GDI down line training website. One off fee. Support for your SFI down line

Item No: 259373
Reg. Price: $35.00   Our Price: $20.00 (you save $15.00)

Horn's Discount Variety Store


Independent Watkins Associate 391016

Jim and Elaine became an associate in EyeEarn in Feb. 2008. We have been selling on Triple Clicks since it's launch.

Horns Discounts has over a million items to choose from. If there is a category that would interest you not listed please leave a comment.

You will find great gift Ideas along with Watkins natural products endorsed by NPA.

Fulfillment rate is 100 percent to date.

"The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent Watkins Associate who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins Incorporated."

Testimonial disclaimer: "Testimonials are based on personal experiences, and we cannot guarantee these same results for everyone

Tom 'n' Shirley's Kandle 'n' Gift Korner


We have been in business selling these kind of products for more than 30 years. We have sold in flea markets, online, party plans and even had a brick and mortar store in the nineties. God is first in our lives
and we give Him thanks for all His blessings.

Beauty Sensation Cosmetics


Beauty Sensation offers a Collection of Cutting Edge Skin Care and Make-Up for all skin types and complexions. We also offer a Men's Line, Skin Care Essentials, and a "HOW TO" Makeup DVD.

We have been in business over 15 years and satisfying our customers is of utmost importance. We ship the same day we receive your order. We look forward to serving you and welcome your suggestions. Please tell your friends about us.

Kindly click on the "NEWEST" and "ALL" links to see our entire line


Royal Needs


Dear Customers,
Our store "Royal Needs" features thousands of all products at a low cost and good quality

CONTEST OFFER - 4 = Period: 25.10.13 to 25.11.13
Members who place order in our store "Royal Needs" in more than two products or above in this period will be perfectable eligible for contest.First 5 lucky winners each will receive "Discount on product" , "16 GB Pen Drive", "Andriod Phone" , "Fashion Men Metal quartz watch" as a PRIZE.
Result will be declared on 25.10.2013 in ECA news feed.
1. We have every product stored in our Warehouse..So ANYTHING you need,even if its not in our store just contact us with the product details.We will list them and personally inform you for your purchase.
2.Good quality and best price
3.Free Shipping for all products all over the world

Everything's 4 Sale



Item No: 176181
Reg. Price: $444.00   Our Price: $296.00 (you save $148.00)

Condition: New



Most of the items are handmade ones..Jewellery,masks and many crafts are there..My store contains variety of ring collections too....Best to give as gift for your loved ones,friends or family..I am promising you to bring all items with a price that is affordable..Our motto is customer satisfaction..All products comes with FREE shipping....
Look my post for great deals on your purchases....I was having more than 150 rating with 4 stars, something is wrong,showing less in my account...I am going to take help to fix it..

Don't forget to look at items that is added on my sister site also dzirejewel.tripleclicks.com/10918943

Annie's Closet 


Annie's Closet offers Avon Products (makeup, skincare, bath&body, fragrance, hair care, wellness, gifts, fashion apparel,jewelry and more), African clothing and accessories, and general merchandise/products.

Great deals at Great Prices. 

Explode your sales. List your ECA website throughout our SFI Dollarwise Network

Item No: 259369
Reg. Price: $25.00   Our Price: $15.00 (you save $10.00)

Condition: New